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Trumpet players Danny (Astaire) and Hank (Meredith) have been avoiding graduation for seven years so that they can continue playing with the college band. 
They hire pretty Ellen Miller (Goddard) as the band's agent and, as she quickly increases their earning power, the boys find themselves with flourishing musical careers.
Ellen is one day hired as Artie Shaw's band manager and makes plans for Danny and Hank to audition for Shaw. Both however are now keen rivals for Ellen's hand and the tension between them sees them attempting to foil each other's chances as they audition for Shaw.
"Second Chorus" features the songs "(Would You Like To Be) The Love Of My Life?" - "(I Ain't Hep To That Step But I'll) Dig It" - and "Everything's Jumpin' ".
  • Cast and Crew profiles
  • Production background
  • Photo Gallery
  • Scene Selection
  • Audio commentary (Fred Astaire's daughter Ava talks to Laureate's Ken Barnes)
  • Theatrical Trailers for "Holiday Inn" and "Reap the Wild Wind".

Rated  "U"

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