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The Laureate Special Edition


Sterling Hayden, Nancy Gates, James Gleason

Music: David Raksin. Screenplay: Richard Sale Director: Lewis Allen

Reviews (September,1954)
'Sinatra...becomes one of the most repellant killers in American screen history'
'Sinatra plays his role flamboyantly while Hayden reacts with repression as he seeks the weak link in the otherís seeming strength. Both score heavily and they get support from a competent cast'
Year of release: 1954       
Running time: 73 mins.
Black & White: Aspect ratio: 16.9

"Suddenly" is a small town in Southern California where nothing ever happens until word reaches the local police station that the train carrying the President of the United States will be making a brief stop at the railroad station during his current re-election campaign tour.
Security is tight as FBI agents descend on the area to see that every precaution is taken to ensure the President's protection. A car draws up at the home of a family whose house overlooks the station at the very point where the President's train will stop. A trio of men headed by John Baron (Frank Sinatra) announce themselves as FBI security men and enter the house. It is only when the genuine FBI agents turn up and are killed by Baron that the family realise he is a paid assassin intent on killing the President. He and his henchmen hold the family hostage at gunpoint as they await the arrival of the presidential train.
As the hours pass, Baron's pathological personality becomes more pronounced while the family try various ways to outwit him and his men - but to no avail. The killer's plans have been carefully laid and as the train approaches the tension mounts and it seems that nothing can prevent the death of the nation's President.

1. FIRST EVER home video release in widescreen 16.9
2. Cover derived from original poster artwork
3. Audio commentary by film historian, Ken Barnes (including exclusive comments from Emmy award-winning entertainer, Rich Little on his friendship with Sinatra. Plus historic radio footage surrounding the 1954 Academy Awards ceremony featuring Sinatra with Bing Crosby).
4. Scene Access
5. Cast & Crew Profiles
6. Production Background
7. A special personal tribute to Frank Sinatra from friend and fellow performer, Rich Little covering: Sinatra The Man, Sinatra The Actor and Sinatra The Singer.

SUDDENLY - The Laureate Edition DVD:
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